Des Cramer South Africa

“It encourages my heart to see growth doctrinally within our church. As we delve deeper and deeper into the Word, many old practices among our congregation are being refuted by Scripture, and after much meditation—and struggle—the lights are starting to shine brightly. Many are realizing acutely that there is much more to serving a risen Lord than the occasional “Halleluiah, praise the Lord.” They are becoming eager to count the cost. Yet, even in saying this, we have had a few who, in spite of our counsel and pleas, have chosen to return to their Catholic roots. Please pray that where there has been gospel roots, these may continue to grow and blossom.

There are also many blessings in our two Bible studies. More than half of our Wednesday morning groups are from other churches. Please pray that as these people grow in knowledge of the truth, they would seek out and attend Biblical churches, not merely the odd Bible study. Our Thursday evening gospel Bible study is also steadily growing, both in the child and adult study. We were able to place Bibles into the hands of children who have been attending regularly, and we have taught them how to find their way through the Scriptures.

The dynamic of the area is such that when something is happening in the community, word gets out. We now also have some Muslim children. One Muslim mother scolded her son for attending, but when he told her that he learnt from us, to always obey his parents, she became quite agreeable with him coming! Please pray that these children grow toward Christ and that their parents see change in them, such that many more will visit.

One Muslim mother scolded her son for attending, but when he told her that he learnt from us, to always obey his parents, she became quite agreeable with him coming!

The adult group is very interactive, and we are encouraged by the questions. This group is a mixture of saints and unsaved, which not only has stimulated questions and discussions, but also allowed the saints to grow in confidence responding to those who challenge them to give an answer for the hope within them. We have one lady that arrived with a stone-cold heart through life’s severe blows. She has been a regular and I am pleased that she has also started attending Sunday services. Please pray for fruit in these studies.

Please pray for our community, as we have had many home invasions, at times with the occupants at home. This tends to happen with power cuts, as we in South Africa are encountering regular loadshedding. Please pray that the Lord cause true revival and a stable economy.”   

Please pray:

  • That I may be granted an extra measure of strength, discernment and patience, when doctrinal challenges arise.
  • That we, as lights in a dark place, will shine brighter than ever before.
  • That Matthew continues to grow in Biblical knowledge and wisdom.
  • That we have the privilege of witnessing gospel fruit.
  • That a central building be found for gathering. 
  • That we are safe during our outreaches.
  • That marriages and families know the presence of Christ. Many broken people come from these homes. 
  • That people are drawn to the Word and seek out faithful churches.
  • That our Bible studies produce knowledgeable, complete Christians.
  • That the foreign African Brethren in our midst be given reprieve, as the government has intention of starting a process of deportation of all foreign refugees, closing bank accounts, etc. in December. Many of our brethren’s children in the church have only known South African life and have never been out of our country.