The Scripture challenges me to examine whether the fruit in my life is becoming more and more mature. Also, it asks my heart whether I covet people’s praise in my ministry. Reputation is such a great temptation for us young pastors. Many times love of man’s praise destroyed pastors’ ministry and made God’s name be dishonored. Galatians 5:16-26 warns me that love of vainglory is the result of submitting to the flesh but love of God’s glory is the result of submitting to the Spirit.

We used to do the adult Sunday school on Sunday afternoons. We adjusted the schedule of our worship service and move the adult Sunday school to 9-9:50 in the morning, right before the worship service starting at 10. The prayer meeting is now in the afternoon. I taught the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith 4 times in the adult Sunday school this month, 3 times of which is on Chapter 8 Of Christ the Mediator. This chapter is very essential for Christian faith so I split it into 3 studies. It helped me to reorganize the theology on Christology and learn how to explain deep theology in simple words to members in our church. One member talked to me after church that he grew up in church but never heard a systematic teaching on this topic. The study was very helpful for him to have a new and full understanding of Christ. It is encouraging for me to see fruits in the ministry.

I led a men’s Bible study on 1 Corinthians on Tuesday mornings 3 times this month. I was discipling a few brothers in our church to help them know church deeper and mature in spiritual growth. These brothers had a flexible schedule in work, so they were willing to spend time with me on studying together. We had half an hour to pray for church, our spiritual health and family during each meeting. The purpose of doing these things is to open my life to them through Bible study, prayer and fellowship together. I want to help them to grow by the dependence on the grace of God so that they can make disciples in the future. God also grows me through this transparent fellowship.

Andrew Z., with two young brothers, visited our church to train us from June 27-29 this month. One of the two brothers is a pastor and the other is an elder in a local church. They are both almost the same age of me. I was ministered by them through their fellowshipping and teaching. God truly loves me. Every time when I need to be cared and encouraged, He always prepares for me grace beyond imagination to nourish my soul and bring me true satisfaction. We are close in age, but these two brothers have much more knowledge of God than me. It motivates me to immense myself in the Word of God and study hard. They are more spiritually mature than me and have much more wisdom on pastoring church. I feel humbled before their good examples. Though conversations with them, I know how they love their wives, how to teach their children and how to plan their life. It causes me to examine my own life and my love for my family.

A new family became members in our church this month. It is such an encouragement for us. The brother started to worship in our church last August, and got married in February this year. The applied for church membership in April. The church members voted to agree for their membership on the last Sunday this month.

Finally, I pray God will make HeartCry a blessing to more people.

Sincerely, Gaius