Update from Apollos from a protected country in Asia:

“Though civil war is going on, we cannot keep silent about our ministry.

Briefly put, the dawn has not yet come. In many places in December over hundreds of civilian houses were burned down. In a Christian village many houses were burned, including one church building, and many people were killed. People are leaving their houses and fleeing to the forests, the mountains, even to neighboring countries. People die continually in the mountains and forests.

As the Lord provides, we send and continue sending relief aid for food, medication, blankets, and other supplies. Among the refugees, there are several missionaries who left their houses and villages to take care of the people in the forests. They teach the Word of God to the people every day. The gospel is not hindered by the war, but it is preached even in the refugee camp in the forests.

In the midst of trouble and war, the Lord has allowed us to have a wonderful ministry. Praise the Lord that souls are saved, believers are edified by different means. Praise the Lord that we could provide some food to the very needy people in the forests.”


Salvation in Japan

Salvation in Japan