Dear family in Christ,

Grace to you all from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is yet another opportunity granted me to update you on what the Lord is doing with us in Uganda.

Family Update

By the Lord’s grace, my family is doing well, although recently, I myself have been feeling unwell. I was not very bad though, because, I was attending lectures in my weakness.

All our children are home for their holidays, I’ve also resumed my second semester at the Seminary, and, both I and RBC are very thankful for these studies.

Uganda 1
One of my classes going through “Lukan Writings” (Luke & Acts)”

New Members Added to Our Numbers

In July we had a number of activities as a church. We began by conducting “New Members Classes,” then, we baptized two of the candidates. And after that we brought in four brothers into the family of Reconciliation Baptist Church.

Screen Shot 2022 08 25 At 5.03.22 Pm
Screen Shot 2022 08 25 At 5.05.03 Pm

Youth Conference 

After bringing in the four brothers into Christ’s family at RBC, in July our Youth Ministry managed to organize a successful “Youth Conference” under the theme: “Lessons from Those Who Brought the Gospel to Africa.” 

“Education & the Christian Home” Conference

On Saturday, August 20th, we had a one-day conference under the theme: “Education and the Christian Home,” where we were examining the secular system of education in our country vis-à-vis what God’s Word teaches. We examined the possibilities of home-schools and ended up with the idea of praying that the Lord blesses RBC with its own Christian school in the near future, in order to protect our children from the secularity in public and private schools that tend to teach our children the opposite of what Scripture teaches.

Uganda 4
Our four speakers during the Q & A Session

Prayer Items

  1. Pray with us that the Lord will continue glorifying Himself through our ministry of the Word to His saints and our labors for evangelism to the unsaved sinners.
  2. Pray with us for fruits from our conferences, and that, the Lord, will bless RBC with a Christian school, if it’s according to His will.
  3. Pray with us for wisdom with the many people who are seeking full membership at RBC.
  4. Pray with us for land for RBC.
  5. Pray with us for the Reformed Family conference in Lusaka, Zambia (beginning tomorrow) and for the Sola5 conference in South Africa (beginning on August 31st.)

Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support. Your reward is with the Lord in glory. To God Alone be the Glory, Now and Forever More. Amen

Yours “Slaves of the Great Master”

Bill & Priscilla Issa
Reconciliation Baptist Church