The Gospel Call And True Conversion 

The second volume in the “Recovering The Gospel” series entitled The Gospel Call And True Conversion has been translated into Russian. Multiple copies have just been printed in Belarus, where Gospel and Reformation is diligently working to complete the series as they are now translating the third and final volume, Gospel Assurance And Warnings.

The Doctrine Of God

In addition to “Recovering The Gospel”, we are currently translating another series into Russian – “Contours of Christian Theology”. We have translated and printed four of the seven books that we plan to do in this series. The most recent, The Doctrine Of God by Gerald Bray, was just completed and printed at the beginning of July.

Both of these books are now available to the public and are being placed into the hands of all the Russian-speaking pastors supported by HeartCry. Belarus is proving to be a good location for getting the books distributed throughout Eurasia quickly and affordably. May the Lord use these resources to help grow and strengthen His church!