Ivan And Yamin In Their Home

I ran into a man this month that I have known since childhood. He is in his fifties. He is known for his past as a criminal and was a member of the first gang in the city of Sullana. Since I was a child and saw this man in our neighborhood, I always viewed him with fear. Now he works in construction, but he still has problems with alcohol and drugs. He has had five different women, but they all ended in separation because he treated them violently. 

This week, while I was in the neighborhood visiting my mother, I crossed paths with him and he came over to greet me. He said to me, “Your mom tells me you’re a pastor now. How I have needed to speak with a pastor!” We talked for a long time and I told him about Christ. He told me that he wanted me to visit him and to keep teaching him about Christ. He has the false concept that He cannot give His life to God because he would simply fail God if he tried to do that.

We agreed on a time for me to come by his house and study the word of God with him. Although I have to admit that I am fearful to go where he lives, still, I will go to see him. I pray for his life, and I ask you to pray for him too. I am hoping in the Lord, that He will work for good in the life of this man and He would bring him to salvation.

Another man who is much younger has also asked me for help. He has been studying the Bible and he wants someone to visit him and explain the word of God to him. He wants to understand more about God. He told me that ever since he has begun reading the Bible he has had a terrible feeling of guilt because of the kind of life he has lived. He lives in a very dysfunctional family. His dad is a known thief, his older brother is in prison, he has another brother involved in crime, and he himself has a history of criminal behavior. 

I am going to begin meeting with him once each week to study the word of God. This is a great opportunity because it has opened up to the door of his home, which means that everyone else in the home will be able to hear about Christ. Brothers and sisters, pray for me, as I always ask you, in order that Christ would use me according to His will.