In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. The baptism classes are continuing. God may help the people to understand about Him, and the meaning of Baptism.

In this month I went to visit Mrs. Sunmaya. I went to visit her because she was not continuing the fellowship since a month. Because she shifted in a new house and there is no proper windows and doors in the house. I encouraged her to attend the church services and told the importance of her relationship with God, rather than worrying for worldly things. I encouraged her to guard her soul in Christ. In the grace of God, now she is attending the church services. God may help her to continue her faith in Christ and also may He supply her needs.

I visited Mr. Tek B. and his family. He is not attending the church regularly. He is farmer and had lots of works at home, and because of this he can’t attend the church regular. I encouraged him, and also to his family to grow in the Lord and have fellowship with God. I told him about the work of Christ, and our responsibility towards Him. Mr. Tek agreed. May God help him to trust in Him and not on his own strength.

Prayer Requests: Pray for the members those who are taking class for baptism. God may lead them in Him. Pray for Mrs. Sunmaya for her life in the Lord and may God supply her needs. Pray for Mr. Tek and his family for their spiritual life.


Tul B.