In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. In this month I am studying the book “Living by the Book”. I am blessed from this book. After studying this book I realized that I have known nothing. Though I used to read the Bible, I had no understanding of the Scriptures. I found myself empty in God’s knowledge. I had not studied the Bible by observing the context of the Scripture, its purpose, and meaning. It is my thanks to God for providing such a wonderful book and also thanks to HeartCry for providing such a good book. God may bless you.

In this month, I had visited to Mrs. Nera. Nera has physical problems. She gets faint often. Because of this, she sent the person to call me and pray for her. I went to visit her and she told me to pray for her. Many Hindu people think that pastors are like the witch doctors. I told her that we are not Witch doctors. I asked her about Christ. She told me that she has heard about Christ but does not know Him. I told that Jesus is our Savior. He forgives sin and saved us from eternal death and has given us eternal life. He died on the cross for our salvation, and those who believe in Him, will have everlasting life. She said that if her husband will attend the church, then she too would attend the church. I told her that we all have a spiritual disease called sin which will lead us to eternal death. Therefore, we need to believe in Christ who will heal our spiritual disease and will give us life. I encouraged her to believe in Christ and prayed for her. May God bring her to Himself.

I also wanted to give you an update about the believers who were willing to take baptism. They took baptism classes, and among them only 4 people are ready to take baptism. We will have a baptism on 18th of March.

Praise God for His grace and mercy as He guides me in the truth.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Nera for her health and also she may know Christ and may believe in Him. Pray for the members those who are going to take baptism.


Tul B.