Greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ. According to God’s plan and His will, He has brought two people (Mr. Chitra and Mrs. Devi) into saving faith in Christ. They were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are growing in the Lord.

This month, I had the privilege to attend the seminar in Kathmandu. Brother Abraham taught the same book which he had taught before. He taught about “The Truth about Man”. I was encouraged in my heart, learning a deeper truth about the original sin of man and the total depravity of all people. Death entered into the world by one man, and the life came into the world through one man, Jesus Christ.

I also visited brother Lum. He had been hearing the gospel from time to time. His father in-law and mother in-law are members of our church. Sometimes, he used to attend the church services, but he was not serious about God. One day, we heard that he had a serious problem with his health and was admitted to the hospital in Palpa. I visited and prayed for him. After he was discharged from hospital, he came to the church service. I told him that his life is in God’s hand, and He is the only source of eternal life. Those who believe in Christ will have eternal life but those who deny Him will have eternal death. From that day, he has attending the church services.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mr. Chitra and Mrs. Devi. May God help them to grow more and more in Him. Pray for Mr. Lum that God may open his heart and grant him the gift of faith in Christ and also for his physical health.


Tul B.