Baptism In Ukraine

Ilie and Marina Hlushchak are moving from Chernovtsy to Transcarpathia, Ukraine, to serve the local faith family in that region. Ilie has been a HeartCry missionary for many years. We are very encouraged to see how the Lord will use the Hlushchaks in the new ministry opportunity. In Brother Ilie’s report this month, he shares about his preparation toward the new window of opportunity:

I have transferred the responsibility of the Rock of Salvation Church to someone else, but I am still one of the pastors. There are still many things to be put in order so that the new pastors won’t have to spend time trying to solve them. I like that everything is going on in a spirit of peace, joy and good understanding. I will also keep preaching in the church in which I will be finishing the book of Acts by the end of the year. Tomorrow I will preach and give the Lord’s Supper. We will also celebrate Harvest Day, which had been postponed because we were working on the church building to enlarge it. This year has been a year with many different changes in life and ministry.

I keep being involved in the Good News Church in pastoral ministry, Bible studies and personal evangelism. Time flies, indeed, and the Covid restrictions change every two weeks. I don’t know how to schedule things, because the rules change again and again. It’s a great effort to lead and help those who are disoriented. I am sorry to say that there are such persons in the church. This Thursday, with the help of a brother from a partner church, we managed to start having small groups meetings. We have two groups organized geographically. We want to have an expository study in the Gospel of Matthew. I am thankful to the Lord for calling this brother to get involved in this stage of the church’s life. During these two years, I’ve tried to do my best to make the ice melt and now I can see the results – people are eager to learn and to change things. I’ve been praying for this and I would like to ask you to join me in prayer. Besides this, we have also started repairing the church building (changing windows and insulating the walls). The children’s ministry has also moved on Zoom. We try to take any opportunity to reach people with the Gospel. It was difficult to do evangelism in October because of the political campaign. We had local elections this month and people thought we were doing political propaganda. I think it will be easier to talk to people in November. Please pray for this and for everything I have mentioned above. We are thankful to the Lord for you and your involvement in our ministry for so many years. To God be the glory!