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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

Greetings from Nepal! Though I don’t know you all personally, I want you all to know that your generous support and prayers have made a huge impact on our 2021 pastoral internship program. It will not suffice to convey in words here how much we appreciate your support and prayers for the training of young men into the ministry. Without your prayers and support, it would not have been possible. 

Our pastoral internship program is divided into three parts: reading, observing, and doing. The interns will read lots of books on the gospel, church, biblical theology, reformed doctrine, and expositional preaching, and write papers on each book. Besides this, the interns are required to read the Book. They have to read 10 chapters a day from the Scriptures. We don’t want to see the interns become so obsessed with the thoughts of men, and be a complete stranger to the Word of God.

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Secondly, the interns observe everything. They observe preaching, church membership discussions, church discipline, weddings, and elders’ meetings. They see with their eyes what they are reading in their books. They learn as they observe. Thirdly, the interns get the opportunity to get engaged in church ministry. Under the oversight of the elders, they help lead services and home fellowship groups, visit church members, disciple other Christians, share the gospel with outsiders, and help in the administration.  

We have five young Nepali men join us for this year’s internship. I am so encouraged to see them get along and grow in the Lord together. They are reading books on the gospel and church now. They are currently reading a book entitled ‘The Trellis and the Vine’ by Collin Marshall and Tony Payne. Their next book in a couple of weeks is ‘The Gospel’s Power and Message’ by Paul Washer. The interns said that they had never read books on the gospel before, except the four gospels in the Bible. They have begun to feel the great need of the gospel preachers in Nepal. One of the interns just expressed his deep sorrow for his church and how the pulpit is being misused there. “Our church back home is so much focused on extending its name and network, but the faithful proclamation of the gospel and discipleship are being ignored completely,” says one of the interns.

We just got started two months ago, but in a short period of time, I am very encouraged to see the impacts the internship already making in the lives of the interns. Please pray with me that these young men would love Christ and His gospel more, and be equipped to preach the word, as Paul told young Timothy (2 Tim. 4), and be ready in season and out of season to reprove, rebuke, and exhort God’s word, with complete patience and teaching. We are living in such a time that people are not willing to endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. But as for us, we would always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill our ministry. May God help us! 

I am very much excited to break the news that we have started a publishing ministry! Nepali churches continue to suffer from theological poverty. There is nothing good to read. Nepali churches lack good resources in the Nepali language. The Christian bookstores here are filled with Nepali translations/versions of heretics. There are thousands of Churches in Nepal by God’s grace, and the thousands more growing rapidly. But unfortunately, most of the churches’ bookshelves are dominated by heretical self-help books. With God’s help, I saw the need and took the initiative to do something. That gave birth to a publication company called Gospel Publication (GP). 

According to For the Truth Press (a solid publishing company in India), “There is a vast amount of faithful theological resources in English available across the globe. But the average Indian is unable to benefit from these resources for reasons such as prohibitive cost, hard to find, difficult to procure, and inaccessible due to language and cultural differences.” The same thing can be said of Nepali churches. Therefore, the Gospel Publication exists to meet the need of thousands of Nepali churches locally and globally by translating, publishing, and distributing good English books into the Nepali language.

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We are very excited to see brother Paul Washer’s book ‘The Gospel’s Power and Message’ available in Nepali now. We can’t wait to place this book in the hands of every preacher and believer. The Nepali language is not just the language spoken in Nepal but in India, the UK, America, and middle-east—churches everywhere. The books we translate will be useful resources for global churches.        

We believe that your partnership to translate good books and articles into the Nepali Language would be a huge contribution to the health of Nepali Churches. 

During the Reformation, God used the pulpit and press. Reformation in Nepali churches is just getting started. May God be pleased to use the pulpit and press again!