Jungle Church And Pastors

The Lord gave me the privilege of traveling to the jungle…The place we went was in Atahualpa, which is about a two-day trip… We were worn out when we arrived, but our hearts were filled with joy when we saw our brothers and sisters in Christ waiting for us.

The first night we were given a welcome from the village, and the chief was present. We had the opportunity that night to preach the Word of God to the community. Even though the language difference presented a challenge, it was good to be able to count on the two translators. 

Carlos Jungle Teaching

During the days that we were there, with the pastors we studied the doctrine of God. We also studied preaching, including how to study a biblical text and present it in a simple way without diluting its meaning. I was surprised to see how quickly these men were learning. They were able to answer the questions of the workbooks themselves. We studied Psalm 1 as an example of how to study and preach a passage. The pastors developed a plan for 2020 to meet once a month together to study the Scriptures and continue through the workbooks on the doctrine of God. They also agreed that they would call us when they have questions about the material they’ve received.

Javier Jungle Pastors 1

I also taught them how to use the Bible dictionaries and MacArthur Study Bibles that they received through HeartCry, and it was a joy to see how they began using the resources with a lot of enthusiasm. Please pray for all of these pastors, that as they meet together each month, the Lord would lead them in the study of the Scriptures. They have each returned to their home churches now with the great need to faithfully study and preach the gospel to their churches.

As we said goodbye to our brothers and sisters in Christ, an older lady approached me and gave me a big hug. She told me that we need to visit again because it had been several years since they had received this sort of visit, and they want to keep hearing the word of God taught. With tears she said goodbye, and my heart was moved with a sense of affirmation of the importance of our commitment to helping the churches in this region.

Daniel Lundgren Translating

Eating Solid Food

Eating Solid Food