To our respected Brethren in Christ, Despite not seeing your face, you have been faithfully supporting us in the ministry. We are very thankful to know about that and we are also praying for you all. Thank you for always backing us and standing for us from behind. May the Grace of God continue to abound toward all of you.

This year, especially in June, our weather condition has been so bad and the rain was very hard. But we tried as possible to reach more souls. We tried to reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. D____ is a place where the chief and the people don’t allow the gospel to be presented. So we make our strategy by giving out tracts and telling people that this is the way of life not a religion.

Somehow we were able to reach out through this tactic. In fact, some houses accepted us to communicate to them. But at the same time a lot denied us and some young people even ran away from us the moment they saw our face. However we don’t lose our hope. We have been reaching most of village near and around us through the gospel, and we just hope the great miracle of the Lord will shake the heart of this people.

Prayer requests – Please continue to pray for the D_____ people to come to know the knowledge of Truth in the near future, and also help us in prayer for us to be able to find an open door for the Gospel