Eduardo In His Study

The Lord always surprises us by His grace and kindness. These past few weeks we have had the opportunity to share the gospel with a couple in Lima. Both of them were living lives that were far from the Lord. They are not married but had been living together for several years, and in these past months, they have had some financial problems because they have both been out of work during the lockdown. They have had many arguments and at times they both acted in physical aggression toward one another.

In the midst of this situation, the Lord allowed me to come into contact with them and talk to them about the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They were impacted by the grace of the Lord because they began to see their true condition before God and they realized that the way they were living their life made no sense.  

When they were confronted with what the Lord did to save us and forgive us for our sins, they were broken. They have begun to confess faith in Christ and since then I have been meeting with them through Zoom to study the Scripture.

They have not been the same since they came to understand the gospel. They desire to get their lives in order before the Lord and have even set a date this month to get married. We pray that the Lord will continue doing His work in them through the gospel.