Dear HeartCry. In the depth of immeasurable grace of God we believe that now you are still healthy and peaceful!

On our side, I and my family are healthy, especially our eldest daughter who studied in Japan and returned to Vietnam. We are grateful to God for His providential care in the life of our family.

Honestly, we thank God for His power because His grace is not lacking in our life, in light of those who are against Protestant faith and hardened to the Gospel. This is of course that the Lord Jesus Christ also suffered and have taught us clearly about these that we must be ready to sufferings: “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.” I know God wants us to be faithful servants because fatigue will pass quickly, but blessings and joy will be everlasting. The management of the Church is our responsibility, for which we should be willing. The criterion includes teaching the true gospel of Christ, for the Church to grow and more and more like Him.

Evangelization through family cell groups helps us to build churches because today there are too many people who go to church, but there are few who believe the gospel truth. Nominal Christianity is a major obstacle to our responsibilities in Vietnam, though the number of professing Christians is small. Many refuse Protestants; however there are those whom God has chosen for the gospel to come to their hearts and lives with power-would you pray for us.

Would you pray for us as we still remember and pray for you and your Church, please kindly regards!

 Binh B.


Ion Gireada

Ion Gireada