An update provided by HeartCry missionary Rema S*…

Local Church

Over the last three months our local church has been learning from the books of Haggai and Ephesians on Sundays. Our weekly Bible study, where we are working through Romans, was on a break for the winter, but resumed in March. In the weeks leading up to Good Friday and Easter we had meetings in the houses of people who attend our church. We hope that the seed planted during this time will bring fruit in the days to come.

Training Conferences

The following conferences were conducted in the past few months for pastors and field workers who are working in rural parts of North India: “Preparing to Preach,” “Loving Muslims,” and “The Life & Doctrine of the Apostle Paul.”

Preparing to Preach

On the 18th of January, a half-day training was conducted by a pastor from Scotland on the topic “Preparing to Preach.” Recognizing that there is a divine as well as a human dimension to preaching, the seminar was focused on what the preacher needs to do in preparing the sermon. He made the point that authorial intent is what the preacher should be after, and that application should be based on clear understanding of the text. Regarding the parts of the sermon, he talked about the title, introduction, structure, and conclusion—explaining how each part should be. It was a blessing to all who attended, and we hope that the lessons learned will be put into practice by those working with us.

Loving Muslims

A two-day seminar was organized for our ministry staff on the topic “Loving Muslims” on 5th and 6th of February. A Muslim convert—now pastor—taught at the seminar. He talked about the origin of Islam, the major beliefs of Islam, and gave some practical advice on how to engage with Muslims with the intention of sharing the Gospel. Muslims worldwide are one of the most unreached groups with a very small proportion of missionary activity working among them. Hopefully, as a result of this seminar some Muslims can be reached through our ministry so that they can worship the one true God.

The Life & Doctrine of the Apostle Paul

A four-day training was conducted in partnership with HeartCry from the 18th to the 21st of February. The teaching was based on the life and doctrine of Paul, because Paul himself repeatedly urges people to follow him as he lived his life following Jesus. The topics covered were Paul’s background and conversion, his life—which was characterized by holiness, love, sacrifice, faithfulness, humility, and boldness—his motives and goals—which were glorifying God, pleasing God, fearing God, the love of Christ in the gospel, salvation of sinners, purity and unity of Christ’s church—and his doctrine, of which the main points were God, sin, Jesus, the cross, union with Christ, new creation, the church, the kingdom of God, and the coming of Christ. The teaching was very meaningful and powerful, hopefully bringing forth fruit in our ministry.

Building Projects

Three building projects are now underway in surrounding areas for church buildings. In A_______ the walls have already been raised, and now the roof has also been laid. What is remaining is the finishing work. The M_______ and U_______ buildings are new projects, and foundations are being laid in both locations. Work is in progress, and it will go on for the next few months. Once completed, church gatherings will happen in these buildings. Additionally, the M_______ location will be used for the village children associated with the Compassion project.

College Networking Efforts

In an effort to build good relations with surrounding colleges, a seminar was organized at a local university at the end of March. The topic of the seminar was “First Job Interview,” and it was attended by about 250 students. It was well received, and we hope to follow up in the time to come. We have similar requests from a few other colleges too, and we hope that this will be a good opportunity to build bridges and to share the Gospel with college students and faculty.

We are also hoping to start a spoken English class in a hostel for students studying in a nearby college. We have visited the place a few times and hope to make progress there soon.

Speaking Outside Our City

Our leaders had opportunities to minister in different places outside of our city in the last few months. One brother spoke at Cross Conference in the end of December on ministry in India. Rema taught from the 21st to 24th of January in North India at a seminar on the topics of the Gospel and discipleship, and uncle R. was invited to preach at the evangelistic meetings during the centenary celebrations of a Baptist convention on the 31st of January and the 1st and 2nd of February where more than a hundred thousand people had gathered for these meetings.

Prayer Points

  • Two month-long training programmes which will be conducted for youths associated with our ministry. The first batch will start on the 21st of April, and the second will start on the 26th of May. Please pray that these would be significant events in the spiritual lives of all involved.
  • The building projects in A_______, M_______, and U______ are continuing. Please pray that work goes on smoothly and can be completed very soon.
  • We are hoping to purchase a plot of land adjacent to our church to expand our facilities. Please pray for the owner to be favorably disposed toward us.
  • We hope to follow up on the efforts which have been made in networking with surrounding colleges. Please pray that we would be able to form good relationships which would open doors for the Gospel.
  • The Lord blessed the family of brother Rekem K. with a baby daughter last month. Please pray for the mother and the baby.
  • India will have general elections in the coming months. Please pray that the government which gets elected will not be a hindrance in Gospel work.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

* For security reasons, a pen name is used for this missionary.