Pooy Encouraged The Church At Preah Vihear

We are thankful that God has done so much in our lives. Glory to God for what He did in our new church. I was able to visit them two times this month. I am so encouraged by their love for the Lord. Praise God that the government is constructing the road to the village. Hopefully, this means no more long dangerous roads through the mountains on the muddy, slippery roads. After a couple of months, I am looking forward to visiting them more often. 

The evening class for children has been put on hold again. However, God has answered many prayers regarding the healing of church members and their family members. Glory and praise to our God alone. We know that prayers are important because God works through prayers both individually and collectively. We have always been faithful in sharing the Gospel.

We desire that we can meet as a congregation as soon as possible. Being together is essential. Some brothers and sisters were discouraged when they faced difficulties or were harassed by non-believers for their faith in Christ. 

Many Cambodian (Khmer) people feel that if we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we betray our Khmer culture. This is not true. May their eyes be opened to see that we are the ones who worship the TRUE Khmer God, Jesus Christ, who created the Khmer people and created Cambodia!

Please pray for faithfulness and patience for the members of our churches, especially the new believers. Pray that God will give them the desire to continue what they have been doing, praying from house to house for the sick, the poor, and those who need help.

There is a newlywed who just moved into my village. They showed interest after I shared the Gospel with them. Pray for God to work in their hearts and to give them the desire to seek Him. They had some issues with their parents, and they had to move away from them. Pray that this is the right timing for them to see the truth and to repent from their sins. 

Please pray for God to grow their desire to know and to serve Him. Pray for the children’s class in the evening that we can start again soon. They need to learn and have fellowship with one another. Studying from home for all this time has been difficult for them. Pray for me that God continues to teach me, shape me, and give me the wisdom to do his will.

Scriptures that have especially impacted me Nowadays, suffering is a hot topic both in the world and among Christians. All kinds of suffering. For this reason, I found 1 John 5:13 impacted me lately, “these things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life.” The beginning of this chapter tells us about the kind of people who will overcome the world. Remember that God is with us. We can go through bad things, but Jesus already took it all. We are not called to be anxious, to be hopeless, or to be sad. We are commanded to have joy, joy in whom we belong to, Jesus the Son of God. It is time to give him the total control that is due to Him. It is time to give Him both the heavy and the light burdens we are trying to bear ourselves. Thank you for praying for me. You are in our prayers, too! 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits, brothers and sisters. Amen.


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Gospel Relevance

Gospel Relevance