The following report is from a new church planter that HeartCry Missionary Society is supporting in western Myanmar. The locations are abbreviated for security.

Greetings in the name of our Lord. Above all, I thank God for the opportunity to work with HeartCry. And I would like to thank HeartCry for your support. While I am still doing my study at a Bible school in KTG, before I go back to my mission field in December, I am engaged in the ministry here in many ways. On weekends, I am invited to preach at a local church regularly. There are still many unbelievers in that village where I also teach the young people in Sunday mornings. The Gospel is proclaimed to many people wherever and whenever opportunity is given and I rest assured that the Holy Spirit is at work.

After I complete my study in November, I will return to MK, W Region. I am excited about the opportunity and experience that are ahead and about what God is going to do in my life and in other people’s lives through my ministry. I believe in the power of the Gospel and I am convinced that many souls will surely be added to the family of God through the preaching of the Gospel. Please pray for me, as I prepare for the challenging ministry among strong animists, that I would grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ so that I would be best equipped spiritually as well as theologically. I am thankful that I am under the godly and biblical leadership. Please also pray for the particular region in which I am serving. There are hundreds of lost souls that have not heard the Gospel.

Thank you very much for your help and prayers. May God bless your ministry more in future.

Yours in Christ, Rufus J.