Baptism Canada 2

Thank you for your interest in the work that God has called us to here in Atlantic Canada.  The kindness you have shown us through your prayers and financial support has not only been a great help, but it is also been a great encouragement.   

Over the past several weeks we have been encouraged to see the work of gospel ministry continue to move forward here as we have had several first-time visitors at Cornerstone. An elderly woman of 81, who recently moved to the area, was looking for a church. She called me after receiving my phone number from a local man who encouraged her to contact us (even though he has never personally attended our church). My wife and I visited her and she came out to the worship service at Cornerstone the following Sunday. It seems that she was encouraged and plans on coming back. In addition to that, a large family with several children visited us recently after two of their teen children had met a couple of our young people at a Bible camp this summer.  Also, we had a baptism recently for a new brother in Christ and several of his relatives came out for the first time after he invited them for his baptism. It was a joy to celebrate God’s grace at work in his life.

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Baptisms are always a joyful blessing, and by God’s grace, we have had at least one baptism service every year since the church was planted four years ago. But what made this baptism so special for me was seeing God’s grace work through one person to reach another, then to work through that person, to reach another. This man started coming to the church a few months ago through his neighbour; his neighbour was baptized last year and had started coming to the church about a year before through a friend at work; his friend was one of the believers who God used to help start the church plant four years ago. It is my hope to see God’s grace work through this new brother in Christ to reach others for Him!   

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We continue to share the gospel in our communities and desire to reach people with the Gospel of Christ. Tomorrow we will be joined by a small team from Louisiana who travelled to New Brunswick to assist in outreaches during a local event. We will be going out into our communities with church invitations and tracts, as well as having a free community lunch at the church. Also, please continue to pray for us regarding our meeting location. As I wrote to you in my last report, the Golden Age Club where we have been renting for the past 3 years has recently decided to sell the building after our lease comes to an end early next year. There will be a church member’s meeting held soon to decide whether to pursue purchasing the building or not. Please pray for the Lord’s leading in this matter.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Sippley