I would like to write to you about our first prayer meeting. It truly was a blessed time. I was hoping more people would come to pray, but what matters most is that those who wanted to, came and dwelt on the Word and cried out to God together. We prayed for the ability to know and worship our God better and to have a constant and sincere desire for Him.

Our hope is that God would use this time to help and strengthen our prayer life, character, and evangelism. We prayed to the Lord to strengthen the church, our families, and especially the relationships between husbands and wives. Also that the Lord would strengthen and encourage me and give me the desire to do His will as it pleases Him. We are also asking God to raise up new pastors for our church and about some needs of individual members. We also took the time to pray for the people from our sister-churches. We need the Lord to teach us how to pray and see our need for Him alone.

A young man named Semyon started attending our services not long ago. He used to attend our church before, but left (for the world). At first his worldly life appeared to be quite fun and promising a good future for him; but he started using drugs and became addicted. As he testified, not a day went by that he did not remember what God’s Word says about his life. Every act and decision was condemned by his guilty conscience, but he tried to ignore it. All these years he had this war inside of him. Finally, he realized that he was on the wrong path and he could not stop. He made the first step and contacted us, wanting to come to a service and then started attending our groups. We are talking to him about the gospel and trying to help him. We are trusting God to have mercy on him and save him. Please pray for Semyon.

We continue gathering in the middle of the week and on Sundays to study the Scripture. I want our relationships to be honest and full of God’s grace, that we would not be separated and self-sufficient.

I am really happy about my relationship with my wife and children. We live happily. I pray for God to work in my wife and kids all the more, that our lives be filled with worship more and more, and that our children start believing in Him. We need to grow in our love for God and for each other. Please pray for that as well. Thank you for your support!

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for our prayer meetings, that we would learn to pray, that the whole church would be filled with that desire.
  2. For Semyon, for his repentance, and that we would wisely help him;
  3. For my family, for God’s influence on my wife and children.