Peace to you dear servants of Christ! I would like to thank you for your continued help for our church and family. It really helps. I thank God for the way that you care for us.

We continue all the ministries in our church and are having fruitful conversations and fellowship with one another about the word of God. We are in the beginning of the eleventh chapter of the gospel of Mark. My last sermon was about the special royal position of Jesus Christ. He entered Jerusalem as King and thoroughly looked over the temple. The religious leaders tried to cast doubt on His authority, but like the people, we should joyfully recognize it with all of our hearts.

We also continue studying the book of Psalms, and next time we are going to look at Psalm 32 and God’s great forgiveness! Sometimes it seems to me that we change so slowly, but God continues to edify us. We want to learn how to put our trust in God more and to imitate Christ in His love, forgiveness, and patience. We see our sins and our need for the Lord to work in us.

Recently we made the decision to have devoted times of corporate prayer more regularly. We want to learn to pray and we see the need to cry out to God. Of course we pray at services, and individually with each other, but we want to make these meetings special. We are going to gather the most important needs, watch and analyze the life of the church, and pray to God according to our observations and His Word. For every meeting I am going to prepare a word about God’s character and will, and how it should affect our prayer life. After that we are going to pray to the Lord together. I really hope that the Lord brings us to a deeper realization of our need for Him, and I am trusting Him to answer our prayers.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for our prayer services, that the Lord would teach us to pray and do His will.
  2. Pray that every person in the church may know God and have the desire to proclaim His attributes to the unbelievers.
  3. Please pray for me and my family, that we may grow spiritually, that I may serve in the church and at home in a way that is pleasing to God.