Dear the Board of Heartcry,

In the midst of a society that is filled with troubles and insecurities every day, we thank God for the past month that He has given our family, our children, health and peace! We also thank God every day for keeping us in close contact in with Him in order to hear His will for our personal life and our responsibilities! A few days we struggled with fatigue because of fever due to weather and various reasons that cause anxiety. But thanks to God, we are able to pray to God, and through the Scriptures, He blesses us that we might be renewed in his spiritual life. We are taught that to seek God always in order that we may live to please God and to serve Him.

Our mission is to continue to build and develop the church, to please God, and to teach the Bible. Local church governance and the care of cell group, above all, is aimed at a certain purpose: how to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the other gospel. If we build and grow the Church without that certain criterion, though crowded, it is not the Church of God. That is because the will of God has been revealed through His Scriptures, and this is an important task that the Lord calls us in our ministry and is also a great blessing for us. However, this is not an easy task, but there are always many obstacles, one of the major obstacles to our ministry is the weakness in the life of the ministry, especially the teaching.

When looking to prepare the Bible for God’s will, it is not a light work, but sowing of seeds and to keep persevering as Jesus teaches us in Luke 8. Please add the prayer to us! We are confident that the Church and we will keep the way of God and look forward to the result of God’s will and His time.

Nevertheless, we are also glad to thank God for the members of the Church who have had their eyes by opened by God, repented to live lives worthy of the great grace that God gave them. And these are the positive remarks from all the members who love the Lord and His word; they want to stick with the church and to walk in the faith in the Savior Jesus. We are really supported by these results.

Thank God for HeartCry has been caring, praying and supporting the financial monthly is greatly helping us with peace of mind. All these golden hearts are a great motive for us to fulfill our duties before the Lord!

We sincerely thank HeartCry and your Church. May God’s grace be filled abundantly above all of you!

Sincerely, Binh B