After more than forty years of tireless service as a pastor and church planter, husband and father, in northern Peru, Gilberto Nole has passed away. The impact he left on that region by God’s grace will continue to echo on, with more than forty churches in the surrounding region owing their beginning to Gilberto’s ministry. He truly was a man whose eyes were filled with eternity, and his heart was driven by a burden to see the multitudes bow the knee to Christ and find salvation in Him. His passing leaves large shoes to fill, and the loss will certainly be felt among the brothers and sisters there. 

(Photo: Javier Carhuapoma, Carlos Garcia, Gilberto Nole, Jose Luis Siancas outside of Gilberto’s church building)

Please pray that the Lord would raise up many more faithful men to take Gilberto’s place in moving the Kingdom forward in the northern Andes Mountains. Also, pray for his wife and family as they grieve Gilberto’s passing, though not as those who do not have hope.

The following was written by Jose Luis Siancas

“God has carried Gilberto to a much better place, as a good and faithful servant. At his funeral, I was given the opportunity to preach the Gospel that has made us slaves, given us hope, and leads us to serve him out of an abundance of love, just as the apostle Paul (Romans 1:1-7). Pastor Gilberto is an example of loving service to Christ. I thank God for this brother, and for using him in such a way for the edification of the Church and for His Glory.”