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Nicolae Vupe pastors Bethany Church in Pucioasa, Romania. He is an extremely gifted musician, using his abilities to teach many men and women how to play musical instruments. Bethany Church has become a hub for evangelism and church planting as Nicolae leads and oversees various ministries of outreach. In his evangelistic encounters in recent days, he shares of a man converted to Christ:

We went to the village of Gamacesti, where we have a church planting project. We took food supplies to several very poor people and after a very good discussion on the street with several people, Ovidiu invited us to his place. Ovidiu is a young man. He is married and he and his wife have a child. He has a sad story. He told me he had been trying to change his life for about three months. The burden of his sins exhausted him. As I was speaking to him about Jesus’ sacrifice for the sins of people, the Lord opened his heart. He was so touched by what he heard, he asked me, “How can I be saved?” The Lord gave me the grace to lead this young father to Him. He seems to be the first man who has turned to the Lord through our ministry in this village. A woman has also repented in Gamacesti prior to Ovidiu. He was so happy that he heard the words of the gospel and that he had the opportunity to turn his back on his sins! Now he’s trying to grow in the teaching of the Lord and shares his testimony with his friends and neighbors. His wife, who listened to the gospel message, was also interested in what she heard. We pray the Lord would open her heart as well!