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Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your support and prayers. Things in the ministry have been going well. I have been spending a lot of time throughout the past several weeks at our church building, cleaning and doing renovations, as we are getting it all ready to open up again when the restrictions ease. Before the Pandemic was announced there were a few youth that got saved, one of which came to one of our outreach events. This was really encouraging for me because for the last few years, I’ve been praying for him and reaching out to him continuously. There were a ton of conversations I had with him. I shared the Gospel and really probed him by asking heart-searching questions. Almost every time I met up with him, I asked him if he had got his life right with God. He would always respond honestly and tell me that he was lost. But praise the Lord, all this changed for him when one Sunday morning. He came into our church service with his dad and God met with him that morning through the preaching of the Gospel. He was broken and gave his life to Christ.

Here is his testimony; “Hello, my name is B. and I grew up in a Christian home with Christian parents. I was brought up in church, sang all the songs, knew all of the common verses. As I grew up, it became more apparent that there was a disconnect. When middle school came around, I began to fall in with the other students. The more time that passed the more I was disrespecting my parents and doing the things of the world. I would find myself listening to secular music, talking with people who would cuss, and hanging around with other kids who would always be getting into trouble. Even though this downfall was happening I would still regularly attend church and youth group. On the morning of February 2nd, I and my Father decided to go to Miramichi Valley Church instead of our usual church. That morning, Dave preached the sermon about the prodigal son. Mid-way through the sermon, I was beginning to become more and more broken of my sin. Before the sermon was over, I bowed right there in my seat and began to pray, asking Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to become ruler over my life. After that moment my life has never been the same. I now have a genuine desire to do the things of God, rather than grudgingly doing them because my parents wanted me to. Now, I read God’s Word daily, not because I’m told to, but because I desire to learn more about the things God has for me to learn from reading His Word. After that morning my talk changed, the way I went about my days changed. I stopped hanging around the people who were always causing trouble and instead found myself hanging around other believers. I then had a new desire to see others around me, who had not been saved, turn their lives to Christ. Life now is much better with Christ. The only regret I have is not choosing to follow Him sooner.”

One word of encouragement I would like to say, is not to lose heart when dealing with people we have shared the Gospel to. If our focus is on man, we will quickly be discouraged and lose heart, but if our focus is on God there is much hope! Thank you once again for all your support and prayers for us!