Dear HearCry,

Warmest greetings in the name of our Lord. I thank God for using me and being with me through all challenges and hardships in ministering to my own people. I am thankful to the HC for your prayers, support and for your regular follow up with local leader.

By God’s protection, I have been able to continue my work here amidst fragile situation, my ministry location being at the border between strongest armed groups. I keep on teaching 80 children about basic Christian doctrines on weekdays. My given task is to teach the children our Lahu scripts. And my textbook is the Bible! So they are growing everyday listening to my preaching, reading the Bible and praying and singing songs together. What an opportunity God has provided for the Gospel work!

I’ve also been engaged in personal evangelism. Older people are coming to my house every evening and I am preaching to them regularly in this way. And I lead the worship service on the Lord’s Day. All the children and some of animist villagers would join the service and they are getting familiar with our Sunday worship service. In addition, I’m visiting their home one by one and just being a good friend of older animist. They are beginning to feel the difference between the two religions. The liberating power of the Gospel is so great a relief for them who are under the bondage of this threatening animistic belief. Please pray for the swift work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

For the time being, I am very encouraged by a big transitional taking place in the village, i.e. many of animist families are discussing among themselves about forsaking their animistic practices and building a new Christian community. But some stronger animists are reluctant to accept new teachings causing the delay. It may take time but it will happen because I believe that no power can resist the power of the Gospel. I do need your prayers to press on and they need your prayers too for their salvation. Please pray that God would complete this great work that he began in us and in this region.

In His service,

Rufus J.