Javier Carhuapoma Preaching For A Wedding In The Mountains

During the last two months, a man named Bernardo and his wife Leyda, along with their two children, have been listening in on the virtual sermons from our church. They have been faithful to listen each week to the preaching of God’s word. This past week, Bernardo invited me to their home. When I arrived, he was there with his whole family waiting for me. I shared the gospel with them all and afterwards, Bernardo told me, “Pastor, I have been listening to the word of God for several weeks. I see that I don’t have any excuse not to believe. The Lord has worked greatly in my family through the sermons that we’ve heard and we want to repent.”

Javier Carhuapoma At A Wedding In The Mountains

It was a wonderful moment to see my brothers and sisters in their home with tears in their eyes and with joy crying out to God for mercy and salvation in the Lord Jesus. I told them to continue persevering in their faith and to walk in obedience to the Lord. This testimony has brought a great deal of joy to my heart, seeing an entire family at the feet of Christ with joy in the Lord.

Also, this month I officiated a wedding in the mountains. Before the wedding, I shared the gospel with the father of the groom. He listened and he asked me if I could come back and visit him again to talk to him more about the gospel. I was also able to speak about Christ with the civil registrar of the municipality. It had been a long time since I had been able to visit this town, and it gave me a lot of joy in the Lord to have the opportunity to preach there again and to see the brothers and sisters. 

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Scotland Update