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Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord for training us into righteousness in a different way than the world does. The world’s way to “feel” righteous is not about repentance and humility but through criticism of others. Glory to God because He leads us into righteousness, constantly teaching us, rebuking us, encouraging us, and correcting our lives through His word.

Power of the Gospel
Yuri is a Peruvian lady that came to Christ some months ago. She has been asking prayers for her husband and family to surrender to Christ. She struggled to share the complete message that we shared with her because of fear of their reaction. This last month she started to share the whole Gospel boldly, and as a result, her husband and parents are now coming to church on Sundays. Please pray that the power of the Gospel and the truth will save all her family.

Children Evangelism
Praise God for a Gospel that was designed not just for grown-ups, the smart and experienced. His Gospel can save children also. These past months I have been sharing Genesis, creation, and atheism with our soccer club. Our Lord is being so gracious with us; during the week, the children are coming to ask me, “Are you teaching us today? Can you teach us more about macro or micro evolution?” I am glad that they are interested in listening about soccer tactics or new formations and the truth of a good God that created us to be joyful. Please pray for these 30 children for salvation.

We continue bringing God’s word and meals to the homeless under a bridge in Tokyo. We have been serving our Lord through this ministry for seven years. There has not been a lot of openness from the homeless or a great desire to engage in deep conversations. They do not talk among themselves. Some of them come, and others constantly leave to other places; most elderly cannot listen well, and some have a mental illness. We always have to remember that they are not just people in need of a blanket or a meal, but they live in a big crisis, not just financial, but emotional and, more importantly, spiritual. We are trying to continue being faithful in sharing bible verses with them and constantly praying for a miracle. We trust in the power of our God. Please continue joining us in praying for their salvation and for them to open their eyes to the need for forgiveness and eternal life that we can only find in Christ.

Thank you always for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

In Christ,