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This month we had two new people to meet with us in worship. Their names are Pov and Khim. After the church worship ended, I explained to them more about God’s Word and shared the gospel to them. I shared with them about God creating the heavens and the earth, including humanity.

I went on to explain the Fall — how humanity rebelled against God and became dead in sins and trespasses. In their state, man has no desire to be reconciled to God. However, and this is the Good News, because of God’s love, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. Jesus Christ died by crucifixion and died in place of sinners. After three days, Jesus was resurrected from the dead for our justification (Rom. 4:25), and at His ascension, He promised to return and judge the world.

After I finished explaining the Gospel, I asked, “Do you believe the Word of God that I have shared with you?” They said, “Yes, we do.” I continued to ask them more questions about their understanding of God and their sin. They expressed their desire to believe in Jesus and repent of their sins. I prayed that the Lord Jesus would reign into their lives, and I encouraged them to come to church next weekend and to continue to learn. May God open their hearts and choose them to be His daughters.

Please pray for Pov and Khim to be faithful in Jesus Christ. Pray for more believers to receive Jesus every day. Pray for me to be more wisdom, strength, health, and to be faithful to serve our Lord.