Dear HeartCry,

Loving Christian Greetings from Golden Triangle Region, Myanmar! First, I thank God for his presence and blessings that we have seen in the past month. In addition, I thank God for your faithful partnership and support for this wonderful ministry I am engaged in. Moreover, thank you very much for your recent approvals for a projector and for my trip to China via Yangon. My prayer is that God would continue to sustain HC so you could accelerate your ministry efforts in the years to come.

Last month was harvest season in our region. I, together with my Bible students, traveled to four villages and preached the Gospel to hundreds of Lahu people both so-called Christians and animists. Among them were chiefs (they are called priests) of very strong animists who control hundreds of Lahu people from nearby villages. They heard the Gospel and showed their willingness to have us preach in their own villages again. During the past six weeks, I occasionally traveled to six churches under our organization and took part in the harvest thanksgiving services. In addition, I was able to meet Brother J. T. in Myanmar and joined a morning session of the conference early this month. Moreover, my wife and I were enabled to travel to Thailand for medical check- ups. We are to go there again for our next appointment on December 3. Taken as a whole, I have seen very busy and blessed weeks of the year so far both for ministry and for family. After all things mentioned above, I end up with physical sickness now. Treatment still going on but I am recovering. Please pray for this and for the treatments my wife and I are going to receive in Thailand in months to come.

As I fully trust in the Power of the Gospel, I am satisfied with what the Lord has done to my own people through me in the past weeks. Please pray for those Lahu animists who heard the Gospel would be drawn to Christ and that those who have not yet heard would have the privilege to hear it preached in near future. For that end, please pray for us who go and preach there that God would strengthen us both physically and spiritually. Finally, please pray for the arrangements for our ministry in China. In His wonderful service,

William J.