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God raises men who would herald His voice to the nations. These are men whom He has led in His mysterious, yet wonderful providence. He calls them, and like a master Potter, He forms them, giving them shape according to His ways, so they will be strengthened to be His mouthpiece. He has done that in the past, and He is still at work raising men after His own heart for His great Name and glory. No geo-political, socio-economical, or cultural challenges could ever stand against His wondrous work of the building up of faithful men for the work of ministry. He will accomplish what He has begun mightily, magnificently, triumphantly, and victoriously.

Dear brethren, this timeless truth about our wonder-working God is what keeps me in the Christian ministry. His wondrous work of salvation still amazes me, and so does His incredible work of deploying, and empowering labors in the ripening field. How foolish it would be to undertake the task of winning and tending souls without the help of our great God? Let alone thriving in the ministry. There is no strength in man. The reason why anyone is in the ministry today is that He is upholding them. The task is too gigantic for any mortal. This humbles me and gives me a reason to depend on Him every moment, every day. “Lord, it is Your work, please help me” is my daily plea.

Oftentimes, His hands may be subtle, but they are never absent. From the day our church covenanted together, His works in the life of our church have been evident. The brotherly love among us growing despite the differences we have, the desire for equipping one another, and spurring one another in holiness is evident. The heart for the lost souls around us is visible, the thirst for the word is ever increasing. We have witnessed the work of the Spirit through the word of God in our lives. We have seen marriages being built around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. truly His hand is seen, and He is faithfully building His church.

In the end dear brethren, I would like to convey my utmost gratitude and my praise to God for each of you. You are part of God’s providential blessings to the life of my family and church, through your fervent prayers and generous support. My family could serve the Lord and His people without worrying about our earthly bread, and the church does not have to worry about, “Where shall we meet for the worship next week?” You are the display of God’s faithfulness in our lives. I wish there were a better word than “thank you” to express my appreciation and gratitude.

Some Prayer Requests:

Please pray that we are faithful till the end and wait upon the Lord, trusting in Him for the fruit of our works.

Please pray that each one of us is encouraged in the goodness of our God and by it fuels us to live a life of consistent holiness as lights in the darkness.

We have a non-believing man attending our church. In the beginning, he professes that he wants to believe in the Lord Jesus but finds it hard. But recently, he said that he has begun to see and understand the Gospel and the love of God. Please pray for the salvation of this man.

Our church leadership has a desire to train men through an internship program. This will help in equipping faithful men to establish healthy churches in various parts of my region. We have the desire to begin the program this year. Please pray that God will grant wisdom and provide every need for this pastoral internship program.