Mercy Baptism Feature

We are bound to give thanks to God for adding to our numbers. Mercy was baptized in late October. On the same Lord’s Day, Abraham and Lilian rejoined the membership after many years of being away. During their testimonies to the church members, the Ngala’s said that what strongly drew them to consider rejoining the church was the love shown to them. 

Mercy Testimony
Mercy giving her testimony to the church

One member then directed a question to me as one of the elders: ‘Pastor, should people join our church on the basis of love or doctrine?’ I wonder what response you would have given? My answer was: ‘Both! Our love and our doctrine should draw people to us and not only one of those.’ Please pray for these three as they settle in and use their gifts for the building up of Christ’s church.

Eldoret New Members
Eldoret’s new members: (LtoR) Mercy, Lilian, Abraham