Dear HeartCry,

In the grace of the Triune God we believe that you are still in good health and in peace! Thanks to God for the past month God has kept our children and us healthy and peaceful! We are deeply grateful to God because every day He gives us His strength to live and to do His work, even though we must live in the midst of the multitude of things.

We thank God for allowing us to continue to practice faith in God more and more by faithfully praying and studying the Bible. Knowing spiritual truths adds to the growth, just as natural life requires nutritive food, so spiritual life also needs nutrition with the Word of God (I Peter 2:1-2). Thank God for the past month we are taught to continue to follow spiritual truth like a cyclist, to pedal continuously, and if we stop, we lose balance and fall. Thank God and rejoice in the sweet communion that God gives us.

Our responsibilities this month include the local church’s management in which we visit the members to know their needs as well as the spiritual state of the members of the church.

Also, the fact that every Thursday we have to go to the cell family at Mr. T’s and Ms. Ha’s house to guide them in study of the Bible in order to build their faith. Mr. T and Ms. Ha been converted to God for seven years. They have two daughters; one is 9 years old and healthy and the other is 7 years old. She is suffering from kidney and bladder problems and has undergone surgery several times. Currently doctors in Vietnam, although trying hard to intervene for her, have not been able to treat her. We do not know what God’s plan is in their life and their families, but we know many times they are drowning and tired, but their faith is strong ad they are very willing to welcome us and invite their friends to join the group and study the Bible in their family. Every day they express their gratitude to God for His redemptive grace and His teaching grace in the life of faith in the gospel of God. Please pray for them. 

We are aware that the growth of faith will depend on the guidance of the Spirit and the word of God according to the Scriptures, so the most important duty for our ministry searching the Scriptures and teaching the church truth. This is the focal point that we are always aiming in 2018 and ask you pray for us in Vietnam.

We are grateful to the ministry of HeartCry, benefactors, and your churches for your prayers and support financial for us every month. May God bless all of you in abundance!


Binh B.