Dear HeartCry and Supporters

Thank God, last month, everyone in my family was healthy. My father’s health is better, but he still needs to be treated and taken care of in bed because he has not been able to sit up so far; still asking God for his strength and asking God to heal him. The time to care for my dad every day has been many months, so may the Lord’s servants pray to God add health for my wife and me to overcome this challenge.

Thank God, in May 2017, the security of the Church was peaceful as the Lord, who guarded and kept the group together, protected us. May God bless the relationship of the church with the local government every day and may God also rescue them so they soon know God, sin, and return to worship Him. May God bless our Baptist Church of Peace and soon be recognized by local authorities as a local Protestant group in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Also, the mission team through our “Love Meal” program added brothers and sisters to participate, who contributed financially to the kitchen remodeling, assisted in implementing programs such as: service, Bible teaching, and baptism teaching for nearly fifteen believers in District 8. Please continue to pray for the new believers in District 8 and in Nhi Xuan to complete their catechism and baptism.

In weekly prayer meetings, we continue to pray for the country of Vietnam, for the locality where the church is located, to pray for HeartCry and the ministry of the servants of the Lord, and to pray for the God’s work in Vietnam. Pray for the missionary program of the church.

The local Church has former Catholics who have professed faith, have accepted Jesus, but the life of following the Lord is also very slow in growth because of the influence of the old doctrine and because their families are still living in the area of catholic parishes, who provide many distortions of Protestantism. Pray for my spouse and me to be filled with the grace of God to lead them every day to know the Lord more.

Thanks to God, for HeartCry’s support and attention which causes my wife and I to have more time for God’s work. We believe our fellowship is to glorify God’s name. May God give us more strength, faith and good health to serve Him.


Di H. 


Marian Nae

Marian Nae