Dedication Service

Stefan and Andrea Cornu are the happy parents of three children after the finalization of their adoption. Following the adoption, Adonai Church in Bucharest, Romania, had a dedication service to commemorate God’s goodness in providentially providing the three siblings to the Cornus. In a recent report Stefan shared:

“Please pray for our children and for their salvation. Pray that I may teach them the Bible. Back on October 15 we successfully completed the adoption process as God was faithful in every step. On October 20 we had the dedication service of our three children. We have thankful hearts for all that has happened to us in the last 10 months.

This month we resumed our baptism course with Bucur family. They continue to come regularly to our Church meetings and enjoy God’s Word and fellowship. We pray that they will want to make the step of baptism. Continue to pray for Mr. Costel, who continues to come regularly to our church. Sadly, the company who hired him with the help of one of our church members went bankrupt and he was fired. He was also dependent on the company’s residence rooms. But with God’s help he found a place to stay. Now he is trying to get a job. Pray for his necessities, but more importantly, pray for his salvation. He says he wants to follow Christ, but we don’t see that eagerness for the Lord. We want to start the baptism course with him. Pray that this course would lead to his conversion.

At the beginning of February, we will start a new home group. That’s very encouraging to us. A missionary brother from Brasil will lead that group. He and his wife are such an encouragement to us, despite their frequent illness. Please pray for Carlos. He’s suffering from an autoimmune disease and the treatment is expensive and very risky. Brother Carlos is also leading a youth ministry. He is so involved in helping the young adults to develop a Christlike mind.

We are also exited to announce that in the first Sunday in February we will receive a new member, Laura Fotache, who is a student at the Baptist theological social assistant faculty. She is a very kind person with a very gentle and humble spirit. We pray that her membership will help her and the church.

Also in February we will begin an evangelistic online campaign. In this winter season this is a good way of engaging the culture. We will produce some videos about what is the Gospel with some sermon clips. We will promote them to reach people. Pray that this will bring people to Christ.

I preached this month five sermons, three at our church and two at various evangelical churches in Bucharest. I had two sermons on prayer for spiritual power, from Ephesians 3:14-21. This is a very rich text about how we are supposed to pray. The most important prayer for Paul was the petition for knowing more of the love of Christ. I need this so desperately in my life and the church needs to let Christ have residency in our lives. I also continued my sermon series from Joel, chapter 3. With God’s help I’ll be finishing this series in February.