Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God I am well and hope that you all are well. Let me share the work of the Lord what He has done through me.

First of all this is my joy to share my blessing to you that I got a baby boy. He was born on Feb. 8. We gave him the name Anughra, which means Grace. I am so glad that God has given me a gift this year. I was very busy in this month taking care of my wife on her baby delivery period.

Even this busy time I made time to visit with a sister named Chanisara. She is the member of the church but she experienced family problems and she stopped attending the church. I visited her and shared the love of Christ on the cross and the forgiveness of our sin. While I was sharing the love of Christ, she was deeply moved and repented of her sin. Now, by the grace of God, she is continuing in the fellowship.

I also visited with a couple and the husband was not a believer. I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ to this man to encourage his wife in the Lord. Now they are both coming to the church and I am guiding them in the word of God. Along with this new couple, there are also other new people who are attending in our local church. May they know Jesus Christ truly and believe Christ the Lord as their Savior is my prayer.

I was unable to join the HeartCry conference Feb. 8-11. I missed this because my wife Pabitra had due date for her baby delivery. But I have received an audio recorder of the conference from Brother Sarvajit and am listening to it. It is very encouraging to listen the word of God. I also had the privilege to join Brother John Abram’s teaching on preachers’ life, church, and doctrine later in February at the other HeartCry conference. It is very encouraging to listen over and over to Brother Abrams on the preacher’s life. I am very much thankful to the HeartCry for your great support and prayers.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for my wife for her recovery and the new baby boy, Anugraha.
  • Pray for Chanisara that she may continue the fellowship and grow in the Lord even in her hard time.
  • Pray for the couple that they may grow in Jesus Christ
  • .Pray for my ministry in the mountain as I am seeking to shepherd the flock of God.

Sincerely, Khim C.