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Dear brothers and sisters, 

I trust that all are finding their sufficiency in Christ during this time. As the rest of the world, we have been doing things a bit different in the past several weeks, but it has turned out to be for the advancement of the Gospel here in Doaktown. N.B. Canada. While there is no replacement for the preaching of God’s Word before the people in the local church, we have had to use media resources to minister the Word to the people. By God’s grace, we have been able to use Facebook live to continue this task. We only expected our members to tune in, but we soon discovered that we are getting 1k to 3.2k viewers of the messages. Many of whose are in our area, while some are from other parts of Canada. We have even had other countries, like the US, listening to the preaching. I’m humbled to think about how the Lord has allowed me into the homes of those that I couldn’t get into before. 

Not only that, but people who have watched the messages have contacted me. I have been in dialogue with many unbelievers who have been faithfully listening to these online messages every Sunday and Wednesday. This has encouraged me to keep the preaching very Gospel centered. I rejoice at having the opportunity to present Christ to people who would not be willing to physically attend a church service. I have also been able to declare the truth about God to other believers, who do not hear of these things in the churches they attend. Many people have been asking questions, and some say that when this is all over they will be coming out to attend the services. I pray that they will, and that many will be converted. Please continue to be in prayer for them. 

Pray that this will not be like the situation that we read about in Exodus 8, where after the calamity ceases, and the people experience some relief, they begin to harden their hearts once again. Please pray that God would breathe on these dry bones, and as I am speaking over the next couple of weeks, that the Spirit would join His Word and grant new life!

Thanks to HeartCry and to all who pray for us and help support us. We would not be able to do what we do without it. We are, by God’s Grace, making the most of every opportunity. The gospel has gone to a few thousand whom we would have never been able to reach before. This is not what we expected, but God can be fully trusted. We trust in the Sovereignty of God, and rejoice to see Him working all things together for His glory, whether in the sanctification of His people, or the salvation of the lost.

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South Africa

Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch