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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

It is a privilege to be in partnership with you in this Gospel work here in Richibucto.  Your prayerful support and generosity are truly a blessing.  Know that we are grateful and encouraged by you. 

Chris Sippley
Chris Sippley and family

            We are thankful to have a meeting place for the church that suits our needs very well and also to be able to pursue purchasing the property.  In my last report, I wrote about a recent church meeting in which the members voted unanimously to pursue purchasing the building we have been meeting in for the past three years. It is encouraging to see a growing sense of unity and togetherness in the church lately.  We are still renting the building at this time, but we are currently in the process of working out the terms for a rent-to-own agreement on the property. Our current lease on the building runs out sometime around March. In the meantime, they have made a couple of very nice upgrades to the building by way of a new ductless heat pump system and a new floor.  

            We are thankful for our local church.  We recently finished a sermon series through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This took about six months, and since then we have started a new series in Paul’s letter to the Colossians. I am encouraged by the saints here in their desire to hear Christ preached from the Scriptures. We also recently finished going through John Piper’s book, “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ” in our midweek study. We are now studying the text from the previous sermon in our mid-week study. This is not a re-preaching of the sermon, but rather an in-depth look at the text itself, with and open interaction from the group. We want the church to learn how to rightly read, interpret, and apply the Scriptures. This should help better equip the saints in their personal reading and studying of the Scriptures. It has been encouraging to see how this change has resulted in both a greater interest and a higher attendance in our midweek Bible study over the past few weeks since we first began.  

We thankful to see not only a growing interest in studying the Scriptures, but also to see newer believers growing in grace and persevering in their faith. Some of those most excited about studying the Bible in the new format have been those who have recently been baptized in the last two years. It is a great privilege to be able to serve Christ and His people, and to teach and preach the Word of God.  

We are thankful for your partnership with us, for your prayers and support. Please pray for us; for the growth of God’s people, for the advance of the Gospel, and for the Lord’s leading as we pursue the purchase of the building we’ve been renting.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Sippley