Peace to you, dear servants of Christ! We thank God for His grace and mercy in Christ towards His church! We are glad that the Lord works in us and answers prayer. We see how He changes our hearts into the likeness of Jesus Christ. He also has answered your prayers about a place to have our meetings. Praise the Lord, we now have a new place for fellowship, preaching, and prayer altogether as a church family again. It is even better than the one we had before! This place resembles a café. Of course nobody sells anything there, but it has a cozy environment. This rented facility fits our group perfectly, and the price is right. And they give us three hours (we only had two hours at the old place). It gives us plenty of time to get ready, have the service, and have fellowship afterwards. And we wish that the Lord would touch the hearts of the owners and let us rent here for a long time. Everything is in the Lord’s hands, and we thank Him for providing.

I have begun preaching through the Epistle to Ephesians on Sundays. For now I’m preaching on the first chapter. In the first chapter of the epistle we saw with the church how full of grace God is and what great riches of Christ He gave us – the Gentiles. We realize that just because of that we should live our lives for His glory alone. It is so nice to learn these truths. In our small groups we finished the epistle to Romans and returned to the Psalms (particularly 41-71). Psalms help us see trust in God put into practice.

I want to be a more godly father and husband in my family. I want to see that good influence inspire my wife and children. Therefore, I need God to work in my heart all the more. I pray that I would not just be religious but spiritual, someone who loves God and is a true servant like Christ.

My mother was released from the hospital today. Unfortunately she’s not getting better, but God comforts me, and we continue to pray for His mercy in her life for salvation. We thank you in Christ!

Prayer requests:

  1. Gratitude for a new place for the church!
  2. For the Word of God to work in the church and that we would walk before God
  3. For me, that God would work in me, and influence my family through me.
  4. For my mother and her salvation.