Dana L. is involved in a discipleship ministry with the female university students in Bucharest, Romania. Her ministry includes teaching, mentoring and counseling young women who have moved to the capital city of Romania for educational purposes. Please pray for Dana’s mother who is presently battling stage 4 colon cancer which has spread to her liver and lymphatic system. She started twelve rounds of chemo last week.

The students are in the middle of their exam session, busy with learning and writing their papers. However, by God’s grace I continued all my Bible studies.

The study “The Plight of Man” by Paul Washer with two students is very helpful in discussing the consequences, nature and universality of sin. The ladies were amazed by the differences between God’s standard and man’s standard regarding the nature of sin. God sees sin as an offence against Himself: sin is failure to love and glorify God. We looked at the nature of sin: ungodliness, rebellion, lawlessness, disobedience. Sin is an abomination to God. We discussed what the society calls “sin”, namely some mistakes, and the word itself is not used anymore. The study is very helpful to pave the way for a deeper understanding of the Gospel that women need.

A Bible study with another student was from Acts 1 and 2 about the ascension of Christ and the Pentecost. She reads the Bible often and wants to study together some subjects from time to time. She had many questions about these chapters, but we focused especially on Peter’s sermon. She noted correctly the apostle Peter’s focus was on the death and resurrection of Christ, him being an eyewitness of the resurrection and ascension. We discussed the Gospel. Please pray for her salvation.

Another Bible study I have is with a single young mother. She’s 19. She is a professing Christian who has some knowledge of the Bible, but I can’t tell where she is spiritually. She needs prayer because at times she struggles with depression. We study the Gospel of John together, looking at the Gospel and how Christ transforms lives. We pray together for her walk with God, her motherhood responsibilities and for her specific needs.

Recently I finished the book of Romans with one of the Christian students who turned to the Lord about one and a half years ago. The study lasted a little over a university year. She shares a few things about our Bible study from this extraordinary book: “The Bible study of the book of Romans helped me understand why and how we should study the Bible. Why? First, because as a Christian I need to keep the Word of God alive in my mind and in my daily life. How? By reading it, dividing it into sections and studying every passage in its context. Many times God specifically spoke to me through certain passages, even whole chapters. I had two clear situations when something happened to me, and the next day we studied a chapter that addressed exactly the problem I encountered. That made me understand better why a Christian needs the Word as food for his soul. The study also helped me know where the Bible explains certain subjects, such as sin, salvation only by faith, the Law, and Jewish people. Such subjects were useful when I had discussions about God with people who do not know Him. Usually people ask, “where is it written in the Bible that…?” And the study of the book of Romans offers answers to many of the questions that unbelievers have. Therefore, for me the Romans’ study was both food for my soul as well as guidance in evangelism. In the end, I want to thank my mentor who helped me by guiding me through the study, as well as coming alongside me with her wonderful relationship and fellowship. Thank you very much!!!”