Ivan Tassara Teaching In Lima

My wife and I have now recovered and continue to improve following our sickness with COVID. The time of isolation allowed us the opportunity to read more, pray more, and praise God together, our Father of mercies.

I have been able to start preaching to the congregation again. The Lord has also allowed me to start a Bible study teaching through the basics of Christianity. This group began at the request of a husband and wife. The husband is a physician and his wife is an obstetrician. I have known the wife since childhood. She was telling me that her husband is always asking her questions about Jesus and about what the evangelicals believe, so she asked me if we could begin meeting with them whenever they both have days off of work. And that is what we have done. I decided to invite more people to join us through Zoom, and thanks be to God, there has already been good attendance.

We trust that God will continue helping me as I teach this Bible study. My prayer is that this study will continue to grow each week and that when the pandemic restrictions are finally removed, we will be able to visit the homes of each of the families. Above all, we pray that God would grant faith to the hearts of these people.

For years I have had the desire of preaching the gospel to people from a more professional background. They need the gospel too! I believe that this study will be a means of reaching people from different socio-economic contexts. I hope that in Sullana there will be many professionals who proclaim the gospel of Christ.