Teaching In Chandungos

We made a trip to the Candungos community in the jungle. It took us two days to travel there, including eight hours on the river. The pastor in the community that invited me was very nervous because we had not yet arrived. Some of the people in the village were beginning to get upset with him and were even accusing him of being a liar because on many occasions Christians had promised that they were going to travel out to this village, but they never came. This pastor told us that he prayed to the Lord as he waited for us and when he heard the motor from our boat coming down the river, he rejoiced. 

Javier Carhuapoma Leaving Chandungos

We were all very excited as we greeted one another and the people in the village sang songs of praise to God in their own language, which is Wampis. This was the first time that we visited this region of the jungle, and it was a great blessing for me and the other brothers to speak to them much more about the gospel and to counsel them through the wisdom of the Scriptures. We were able to encourage them to continue pressing on and to continue trusting in our God. Not only were they encouraged, but our own hearts were also strengthened in the Lord through our time with them.

Javier Carhuapoma Praying With Believers In Candungos

While there, I had the opportunity to teach 81 pastors and church leaders that had traveled to the village, some of whom had traveled three or four days to get there. I was so encouraged to see their desire to learn. They were very attentive to the teachings and they asked questions that made me realize they were understanding what was being taught. I praise God for the great privilege of serving these brothers in such a distant community in the Amazon jungle.

During my meetings with the pastors, my wife was meeting with the pastors’ wives and the women of the local church. Many women had questions about their marriages. Together, my wife and I were also able to counsel many married couples during our time there. 

Javiers Wife Teaching Women In Chandungos
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