HeartCry is thankful for the willingness of Tim H. and his wife Brandi to travel and teach in Myanmar. Tim and Brandi live in Cincinnati, where Tim serves as an elder of a local church. Below is a summary of their recent trip.

Tim and Brandi

As a husband and wife team, we were privileged together to serve our brothers and sisters in Myanmar earlier this year. Over the course of a week, we found the indigenous ministry with which HeartCry partners to be visionary, faithful, and doing the hard work of equipping, sending, and supporting Christian men and women to reach their nation with the gospel of Christ.

Some of the ways they minister to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is through a Bible college and the translation and distribution of Christian literature. Our task for the week was to lead the college’s senior class through a study on Marriage and Family. In the months leading up to our trip, I (Tim) developed a series of lectures touching on topics pertaining to Marriage and Family. Brandi was a great blessing and provided both valuable insights and rapport with the students in class, in the four-hour sessions each day.

Remarkably, English is the sole language of instruction at the Bible school. And since it is the language of the vast majority of theological resources in our day, training students in English over four years imparts not only biblical knowledge but the linguistic tools that will ground and enrich their ministries in the truth throughout their lives. So, our interactions with the students and faculty were in English and without an interpreter.

We also became more acquainted with the legacy of Adoniram Judson, the baptist, American missionary who labored over three decades in Burma in the early 1800’s. The fruit of his work is still seen today, religiously and politically. For us, spending even a short time in Myanmar heightened our awareness of the unique difficulty yet high calling of lifelong missions in hard places. Judson wrote, “In spite of sorrow, loss, and pain, our course be onward still; we sow on Burma’s barren plain, we reap on Zion’s hill.” It was our joy to share, albeit in a minuscule way, in God’s continued work in Myanmar.