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Brothers and sisters, our recent trip into the jungle was tremendous. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be able to serve our brothers and sisters there through the teaching of the Scriptures. There were opportunities to offer counsel to pastors and other believers from the regions of the Amazonas, Urakusa, Candungos, and Rio Santiago. I’m also thankful that I was able to travel alongside pastor Javier, pastor Miguel, pastor Jose, and a number of others, including my wife. 

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In Candungos I spoke with and offered biblical counsel to the group of pastors we were meeting with. We were there for three days. In Urakusa I taught on the work of the Holy Spirit, part one. The pastors had questions, so we also spent time answering their questions. 

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My wife spent a lot of time with the women in the community and got to know more of the reality of what the culture there is like. A few things surprised us. In many homes, the man stays in the home much of the day, while the wife goes out into the fields to work. In other words, the woman does the more difficult work. There are many cases of infidelity and there are many abandoned children. It is clear that when people live without God’s Word, the corruption of man becomes more and more evident.