Eduardo Aricari Preaching In Barranco

Shirley is a grade-school teacher and is thirty-eight years old. She lost two very close family members due to COVID 19. In the midst of her grief, she tried to find comfort through the Word of God. She and my wife were childhood friends and because of their friendship, she came to visit us in her sadness. It was there that the Lord allowed us the opportunity to talk to her about the gospel. 

Over the course of many years, Shirley was a devout Catholic and was very tied to the traditional practices of her family. After she heard the gospel from us, she wanted to know more and more about it. She began to listen to sermons that we recommended. She began attending a local church, but she was still unwilling to give up her Catholic tradition. 

She often called us on the phone to ask us many things that she did not understand in the Bible. Through those conversations, she recognized her sinful condition before the Lord. There was a change in her life and she now desires to know the Lord more and more. 

She saw the need for her colleagues in the school to know the gospel, so she formed a group on Zoom with 16 other teachers. The teachers meet on zoom in order to learn more about the gospel and Sheryl asked me from the beginning to talk to them about Christ. Among the group are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists, and others. 

God is working through this study. This week, four of the teachers came to our house who have begun to profess faith in Christ. In total, six of the teachers are now in the process of speaking with us regarding membership in the church. They each desire for other colleagues of theirs to join the Zoom group to hear the gospel. Sometimes, the study now has more than 25 people online. 

This whole study began by the grace of God through the uneasiness that He put in the heart of Shirley. We hope the Lord continues to surprise us in similar ways and that He works through us for the glory of His Name.