Segundo Gonzales In Chiclayo

With regard to our development as a church, our emphasis continues to be on the preaching of the gospel. We are seeking to take advantage of every opportunity in all circumstances. One of those opportunities was opened up this past Wednesday when I was asked to preach a funeral service. It was for a neighbor of ours who had come to the church from time to time. 

In fact, she was present at our church that Sunday at night, and again on Tuesday evening for our weekly prayer meeting. Everyone said goodbye and went home around 10 o’clock on Tuesday night after the meeting. At 4 o’clock the next morning our doorbell rang, with the news that she had passed away. 

At her funeral service, I attempted to explain the mercy and grace of God that He has shown toward sinners through the cross. We were walking toward hell, but He came to save us. Both her sister and her aunt were present at the funeral, and they have now begun attending our church. 

In addition to the opportunity to preach the gospel at the funeral, there are also a number of other people that I have been praying for God to save. My prayer has been that God by His Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. By God’s grace, He seems to be at work in some of their lives and several of them have begun attending the church. I am also studying the Scriptures with them, giving particular emphasis on what the Bible says about the new birth.