Booklets[57] Copy

Greetings from Finland,

There haven’t been any things out of the ordinary happening in our family, thanks to the Lord we are well. Our little boy is growing in understanding. He is starting to communicate in a more coherent way; he understands what we say, and he has become more able to make himself understood so that we know what he thinks and feels, verbally and not only by pointing and whining. He is of course often disobedient and takes off with things he shouldn’t have, but also eager to help out when we are doing things around the house or yard. Being at home mostly I have good opportunities to invest time in him and try to teach him some basic or “easy” things about God that I believe he is able to understand.

Three new booklets from John MacArthur’s Spotlight on Scripture series, translated into Swedish, are now finished and printed: one about Deacons, one about Forgiveness, and one about divorce and remarriage. I have been down to the print shop a bunch of times now so they recognize me. Every time I come in and want to print new booklets, I almost do not have to say why I am there. And when I come to fetch them after they are done, they know what I have come for. But this time, I met a new person. He was a very friendly and forthcoming man who looked at the pdf-files on my flash drive and was going to ask his other coworkers who knew more about the specifications needed to print the booklets (which was good because I did not have the info with me this time – the others knew it from before).

After roughly two weeks, they sent me a message that the books were ready to be picked up. I got in the car and drove down to Jakobstad, where the print shop is situated. I stepped inside and was met with those I knew from before. “Now they are ready to hand out!” Maybe we have told them that they are for handing out previously. But yes, we hand them out. A brother in our Church has been especially diligent in this task and asked for a new big box full of booklets because he was all out of the ones which I had already given him.

It brings pleasure in the work to see the finished products in the form of printed booklets, and to know that they are passed on to people who read them. It is a joy to know that sound Biblical teaching by John MacArthur in these books, on practical issues in life and the Church, is getting out there and available in Swedish.