HeartCry missionary Moise Marian was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Although advised by his doctors to begin chemotherapy, he opted to take a natural treatment.  Due to his physical condition he is unable to have MRIs as they create issues in his body. There is a term called marks that reveals the level of cancer in his body. When he took the Hypobarric Oxygen Therapy his marks went down..  They were 100 to 200 when he didn’t receive the therapy, but decreased when he was treated. With the natural food costs coupled with the price of the Hypobarric Oxygen Therapy, the monthly cost was very expensive.  Now that the travel restriction has been lifted he is able to resume his therapy.    

Eastern European coordinator Sorin Prodan said that in his opinion Moise’s character reveals a “man of faith” who fights against suffering as he continues to work.

Moise’s wife, Anna Marie, is also battling some physical problems of her own.  Presently, she suffers from a condition which diminishes her stamina. But the maladies that the couple endure are not all. The Marians’ son has problems with his sight in which he require a dally cleansing treatment for his eyes.

Regarding Moise’s ministry, he Faithfully does street evangelism. He participates monthly in the HeartCry missionary outreach. His evangelistic passion extends to an educational environment as he has started two schools that he oversees. Presently, each school has 15 to 20 students.  The schools work with the public school system of Romania.  They emphasize both academics and character.

A great need that Moise has at the moment is that qualified men might be trained to become deacons.  This would help with the ministry administration. Unfortunately, finding Gypsy men that are qualified is great problem.

Moise pastors two churches presently. The main church is in Bucharest, and the other is in Quarentina. The church in Bucharest has dropped in attendance from 40 to fifteen as the people went to Western Europe to get work. But now that the quarantine has been lifted in great measure some of the people have moved back to the city. Last Sunday there were 30 people in the service.

In last month’s report, Moise shared the following:

Because of the Covid restrictions, we couldn’t have the regular church services in May. In the first two weeks, I approached new people and passed Bibles and New Testaments. But my health condition became worse.

We have started having church services in the open air in Hala Traian and Colentina (actually in Colentina we went inside because we were just a few). Two new people came to church and I was able to give them Bibles. I also gave Bibles to several believers from Colentina..

I attended a church service in Frunzanesti and administered the Lord’s Supper. I also administered it in Colentina as well. The believers were so happy that they could participate.

I attempted to keep in touch with the children who used to attend our school where I helped them finish the school year. I also organized a group of children in Mama India, but we couldn’t start the classes because of the Covid restrictions.

Recently, I was able to visit a sister who is a church member who has bone cancer in the last stage. I saw her several times and was able to share the gospel with nine of her family members. Seven of them prayed with me to receive the Lord as their Savior. The woman’s husband received the Lord. I often return to visit them and always find new people there. This is a good opportunity for me to share with them about God.

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Gathering Again

Gathering Again