To the Board of Directors HeartCry, staff and donors, Greetings of peace and health Jesus Christ.

During April I was very blessed as Pastor Solomon presented us with some important issues about the missionary work for Vietnamese. I was taught through the Bible and have ben blessed to continue growing in the grace of God.

At present I am the pastor of a small church. My responsibilities include: serving as a missionary and pastor, teaching the Bible, baptism, and every week on Tuesday meeting with the brothers to pray for the Lord’s work.

Also in April I have come to know and talk to our neighborhood leader in the community. I have testified of God to him, although he did not accept Jesus. I am thankdful he was willing to listen however. I have prayed for him and another time I will testify to him again the gospel. I also shared the gospel with a family. The family included a husband, wife and their four year old daughter. God has opened their hearts to receive Jesus and last Sunday he contacted me to go and attend church-I really thank God.

The difficulty that occurs in ministering in Vietnam is the opposition of those who do not believe in God and the local government. Thank God, however, I believe God’s chosen people will be saved will come to believe on the Jesus Christ. Our duty is to preach the gospel according to the Lord and be faithful to the end. Please continue to pray for us.

Sincerely, Pastor Binh