Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to share with you about a trip I recently made to B_________. This town is about 200 km away from the city that I minister in. It is a small town in Telangana state. Pastor N_________ has been laboring for the Lord there for the last 20 years. God has used him to plant one Church in this town, as well as a couple of other small churches in the surrounding villages.

It was a privilege from God to have the opportunity to preach in his church, and to meet some of the brothers there. He, along with a couple of other brothers, have been laboring diligently for the Lord. They do not have any formal training, but they are willing to learn. I found that there is a great need among them to be taught the basic Biblical doctrines.

It was about a year ago, that a couple of other brothers and I went on a Tempo Traveler with a projector. We went to those villages in an outreach effort. We distributed tracts, showed the Jesus film, and preached the Gospel. In our travels, we found a couple of villages that had one or two Christian families, but they were without a church, or a gospel worker to help them.

This is not an easy area to work in. There is a danger of Hindu fanatics. They threaten and beaten the pastors and evangelists who attempt to go into these villages to preach the gospel, and help those Christian families. These families have been forced to travel as much as 30 to 40 km to go to church on Sunday. This is difficult, for many do not have public transportation available. It deeply moves me to see the pathetic condition of these villages. Within these 25 villages (containing an estimated 100,000 in population), there are no more than three churches in existence.

Many on the outside do not understand that India is still predominantly rural. Seven out of every ten Indians live in villages. One out of every five in India lives in a village with only 2,000–5,000 people in it.

Please pray for brother N________ and the other brothers who are laboring for the Lord in this vast and needy area. Please pray for protection for them, and their families.

Your brother and sister in His vineyard,

Sunder and Glory